How to Find Trustworthy Online Pharmacy Stores

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For millions of people, prescription medications are an integral part of being able to enjoy a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. 

Let’s explore the statistics for a moment.

  • According to research by the Kaiser Family Foundation, six in ten adults are currently taking at least one prescription medicine. A quarter of them are taking four or more. However, for many Americans, even those insured by Medicare, being able to buy what they need is a daunting prospect. 
  • Over 80% of people surveyed believe that the current cost of prescription drugs is simply unreasonable. Importantly, as many as a third of people who need these medications, say they have difficulty affording them. It’s not that surprising when you consider that, on average, Americans spend twice as much as Western Europeans do on medication.
  • It’s unsustainable, particularly for individuals managing chronic illness. A more feasible alternative to their local brick-and-mortar pharmacies is essential. Online pharmacy stores have helped fill that vital gap. According to a 2021 survey by the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP) Global Foundation, nearly half of Americans have purchased medicines from online pharmacies. This represents an increase of 7% from the year before.

There’s a reason people consider online pharmacies to be such viable alternatives to their traditional ones. They receive access to the same quality of medication as they’re used to from the comfort of their homes and, of course, at much cheaper prices. 

The caveat here is that not all online pharmacy stores are the same, making it harder for customers to find what they need, reliably and confidently. At, we’re here to make it easy, reliable, and trustworthy. It’s possible to distinguish between an authentic supplier and someone running a scam. 

Here are the hallmarks of a trustworthy online pharmacy.

1. Authenticity and Reputation

When researching online pharmacies, look for registration details and quality guarantees. Consult the website of the online pharmacy to see how long it has been around as well. Inhouse Pharmacy, for instance, is one of the oldest online pharmacy stores around, operating since 1996. 

2. Sourcing Practices

How the pharmacy sources its products is a very important indicator of the quality of its medication. For authentic, high-quality medication, it’s important that your pharmacy only buys from licensed, government-regulated manufacturers and distributors. Our sourcing practices are central to our quality guarantee at Inhouse Pharmacy. Our generic drugs, for instance, are all sourced from FDA-approved facilities that employ good manufacturing practices (GMP) as laid down by WHO.

3. Controlled / Addictive Substances

Any online pharmacy store that carries opioids, narcotics, or any substance listed as Schedule 1 by the DEA is an immediate red flag. The sale and supply of drugs categorized as “drugs of abuse” are highly regulated. Inhouse Pharmacy does not condone or sell any products of this nature.

4. Transparency

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of this. When you’re buying something like medication online, you want as much information as possible. 

Take expiration dates, for example. A trustworthy online pharmacy store’s website will have all their product photos and information up to date, with the expiration date highlighted in bold. You should expect to see the same or a better expiry date on the products that are actually shipped to you. 

Buying medication online and internationally sometimes means that you might have to pay value-added tax (VAT) and other customs fees when the products enter your country (this is likely in the UK and in the US). You might also not be able to pay with your preferred credit cards. For instance, you can’t use cards from Visa or MasterCard to purchase any kind of pharmaceuticals over the internet, due to regulations laid down by those companies. American Express, eChecks,  or wire transfers are typically how online orders are paid for. Learn more about our payment methods here.

A legitimate online pharmacy store will take steps to educate you about these rules and be upfront about their practices. This way, you know exactly what to expect when you’re making a purchase.

5. Trusted Shipping Methods

The whole point of buying medicine online is convenience and comfort. You shouldn’t have to deal with misplaced shipments and customs delays when your health depends on it. Always look for a delivery guarantee. If their delivery is subject to a host of conditions, look elsewhere.

6. Customer Support

Quality customer service is non-negotiable when buying medication online. Make sure you’re dealing with trusted professionals who’re available to you seven days a week if necessary. Contact them beforehand with queries to get a sense of how prompt they are. Ask them questions you’d expect a genuine pharmacist to know and ascertain their authenticity.

7. Reviews

Find out more about other customers’ experiences with your seller. Check for reviews on the online pharmacy store’s website. A trustworthy vendor should have plenty available there and on other online forums.

The more research you do, the more information you’re working with. You want to find a reliable online resource that you can depend on long-term, if necessary. At Inhouse Pharmacy, we believe that a good quality of life shouldn’t have to come at an exorbitant cost. We’re proud to provide access to authentic, quality medication to support your well-being. Learn more about our online pharmacy store and our service through our FAQs, or simply contact us.