Inhouse Pharmacy: A Legitimate Online Pharmacy Misrepresented by Vanuatu Daily Post

Port Vila, Vanuatu. June 6th, 2020 – In July 2016, The Vanuatu Daily Post published an article about Inhouse Pharmacy founder Kerry Bell. The paper contacted neither Mr. Bell or the company and the result was an article full of inaccuracies and misrepresentations. In the interest of conveying the truth of the matter, you will find details to correct the record here.

In 1996, Mr. Bell’s local pharmacy in New Zealand started selling Rogaine (for hair loss) and Berocca (Vitamin B and C tablets) to Japan and the United States in full compliance with the regulatory guidelines of New Zealand.

—In 2001, Mr. Bell was falsely sued for selling medications without a prescription. The case was dismissed within hours.

—Later that year, Mr. Bell was sued for selling medication wholesale to a physician. This practice was deemed legal, and again the suit was dismissed.

—In 2002, in response to changes in New Zealand’s laws governing pharmaceutical sales, Mr. Bell moved his stock and operations to Vanuatu. No prescriptions were filled in New Zealand, but the company continued engaging a licensed wholesaler in New Zealand. This was deemed improper by the New Zealand authorities, who charged Mr. Bell with improperly importing medications.

—In 2003, despite the certainty that he had performed no wrongdoing, Mr. Bell settled out of court. He paid a $50,000 civil fine to avoid $300,000 in court costs and the stress of a potential months-long judicial process. At the time, Mr. Bell was also dealing with a family health emergency of his business partner.

This judgment in no way affected his ability to fill prescriptions or to operate as a legal online pharmacy. Despite the inference in the article, Mr. Bell was fined only because he pleaded guilty as the best course of action. There was no allegation of criminal wrongdoing.

While Mr. Bell has retired from the company, Inhouse Pharmacy continues to provide authentic, affordable medications to customers around the world in accordance with import and export licenses in Vanuatu. This enables the business to donate medications to the Central Hospital in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Inhouse Pharmacy does not sell any controlled substances or opioid medications.

Inhouse Pharmacy is also not required to be registered or possess import licenses in the countries that their customers who purchase their medications reside. The countries the company ships to allow their citizens to import a reasonable volume, which is usually a 60-90 day supply of their medication. Customer prescriptions are checked over by the company’s pharmacists and filled according to their quality and due diligence guidelines.

Rather than report the facts of Inhouse Pharmacy’s legal, legitimate and trustworthy standing, the article relies heavily on opinion and nonfactual assertions by an American lobbyist for the pharmaceutical industry there who has a vested interest in maintaining high pharmaceutical costs and an anti-competitive environment in the United States.

Everyone should be able to get life-sustaining medications at affordable prices. Unfortunately in many places, such as the United States, that is not always possible. As a top international legal online pharmacy with a long-standing customer base, Inhouse Pharmacy provides customers with authentic, high-quality, industry-standard medications they can easily afford.